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On this page you can find the latest news from the Crossways fleet.

If you would like more frequent updates, please visit our Facebook page, a link to which can be found on the homepage of this website.
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Fleet operator of the year and magazine feature

Posted by ryanbrch1 on October 15, 2018 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Crossways are pleased to announce that they have been voted as the MBF fleet operator of the year 2018!

We are proud to have been selected for this award and also would like to thank those who voted for Crossways.

In other news, Crossways is also featured in issue 2 of Model Diorama Magazine, a magazine dedicated to the world of minature diorama making. If you are interested in finding out more about Model Diorama, you can visit their website here.

News Roundup

Posted by ryanbrch1 on October 7, 2018 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Firstly, the company would like to apologies for the considerable period of time since this page of the site was last updated. Since the last update, a number of different vehicles have been added:

W432 CWX - Volvo Olympian/ Alexander Royale, added June 2018

YJ56 LLJ - ADL Dart SLF/ Plaxton Pointer, added August 2018

YN58 JFX - Iveco Eurorider/ Plaxton Paragon, added September 2018

GL67 RSZ - Hino S' Elega coach, added January 2018

GL67 RTP - Volvo B7RLE/ MCV Evolution, added January 2018

GL68 TTP - Wright Streetlite, added July 2018

More information can be found on the 'our fleet' page. Leaving the fleet in September was Shearings Holidays liveried Volvo B12M/ Plaxton Panther MX04 AEU, with Crossways also ending its association with Shearings at this time. Earlier in the year, the company had joined a new holiday franchise called UK Getaway, this acting as the replacement for Shearings work.

Also withdrawn over the summer was service 66H, which had for some time been operated at a loss. As a result, Optare Solo SR GL15 EBF has been transferred to Stroud depot, to assist with increased vehicle requirements there after a deal was signed in summer 2017 with North Western Roadcar Co to hand over its Stroud depot and services to the company. This allowed Cirencester depot and the original Stroud depot (which was actually simply space hired from another operator) to be closed to focus operations from the central site. Originally, 9 plain white Enviro 200's were hired in to operate the services, with 5 still remaining. More information can be found on the services page of this website.

Both the 2017 and 2018 Cheltenham shuttle bus services were successful, with a number of operators taking part. Full reports from these events can be found via a link from either the 'our services' or 'our fleet' pages of this website. Crossways will soon be looking for vehicles for the 2019 event, so if your fictional model bus company thinks it can help please get in touch.

This website is now fully correct as of this date, with all pages having received an update where required.

Three new additions

Posted by ryanbrch1 on February 13, 2017 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The three latest additions to the fleet (added in late December/ Early January) are the following:


GL66 VFB: Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 H59/31F

RX07 KPJ: Dennis Dart SLF/ Caetano Slimbus B28F

T184 UWL: Volvo B10M/ Plaxton Premiere C70F


The Enviro 500 shall be used for events/ private hire work, whilst the Slimbus shall be used for bus services in the Stroud/ Cirencester areas. The Plaxton Premiere has been in use on a new school bus service in the Stroud area.

More information on these vehicles can be found on the fleet information page.

Website Overhaul

Posted by ryanbrch1 on October 30, 2016 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The website has been given a complete overhaul, some changes which may already be noticable. These changes are detailed below:

Home Page: New images and social media links updated/ added.

Services Page: Page updated to reflect recent service changes.

Fleet page: A new way of indexing the fleet has been created, with more information about each vehicle available by clicking on each registration. A new 'past fleet' section has been created for past fleet members.

Links Page: A link has been added for the Fewtrell transport group, and a new contact form has been created.

New vehicles for Crossways

Posted by ryanbrch1 on September 15, 2016 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)
Latest additions to the fleet are (GL66 ENR) Volvo B11RT/ Plaxton Elite i (Short) CH60/4Ft and (LR65 TWJ) Ford Galaxy,  which seats 6 people. Both are allocated to Gloucester depot.

The Elite is to be used on new service X10 (Gloucester to Cardiff), with one return journey daily, whilst the galaxy shall be used as a feeder vehicle for the company's new tour programme and for private hire duties. Photo's can be seen on the fleet details page.

In other news, service U (Gloucester to Cheltenham via university campuses) was withdrawn at the end of July. As a result, Transbus Trident/ ALX400 MK02 EGX was temporarily withdrawn, before being moved to route 62 (Gloucester to Dursley via Quedgeley), allowing Dennis Trident/ East Lancs Lolyne V423 DRC to move to a new school bus route linking Quedgeley with Ribston hall, Crypt and St Peter's schools.

After the 2016 summer season it was decided to reduce the amount of Shearings holidays work undertaken, meaning that Volvo B12M/ Van Hool T9 MX05 AHA was withdrawn and sold. It was also decided to stop operating National express service 930 (Gloucester to Swindon) meaning that Volvo B9R/ Caetano levante FJ60 HXY and Scania/ Irizar PB YN04 GPF have also been withdrawn and sold.

From September, Volvo B10M/ Van Hool T8 GL05 BUS shall be used on a new school bus route linking southern Gloucester with Cirencester college. Ford Transit minibus AG14 NPR is to be used on a route linking Quedgeley with Sir Thomas Rich's School.

The website is currently being updated and a new method of showing fleet information is currently under development, with some vehicle pages already complete, and example being the page for Optare Solo SR GL15 EBF, which can be found here: http://crosswaysbus.sitey.me/gl15-ebf .

Finally, Crossways now has a Facebook page. This page caqn be found at  https://www.facebook.com/Crossways-Bus-158421981263783/.

Latest additions

Posted by ryanbrch1 on August 8, 2016 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)
A number of vehicles have recently entered the Crossways fleet, including a coach, van and two minibuses.

The first vehicle is rather elderly, this being a 1998 registered Van Hool T8 coach. Purchased mainly for a school service linking southern Gloucester with Cirencester College, it will be based at Gloucester depot overnight, and at Cirencester during the daytime. The previous operator fitted WIFI to this vehicle, which has been retained should this vehicle be required for any private hire duty. It has been reregistered GL05 BUS to hide its age.

The second vehicle is a Ford Transit Minibus. Seating 14, it will be used for private hire duties from Gloucester Depot. It is registered AG14 NPR.

Our third vehicle is a 53 registered Mercedes Vito Minibus, to be used mainly for staff transport, but can be used for Private Hire if needed. It is based at Gloucester, and has been reregistered CR55 GLS.

Finally, a small Ford Transit Connect has been acquired to operate as a maintenance van from Cirencester depot. it is registred NJ09 EWF.

Photos of some of these vehicles are available on the homepage, but the site will be updated soon to show photos of all of the vehicles mentioned here. They can be seen on the Crossways Flickr page though.

Cheltenham Race Shuttles

Posted by ryanbrch1 on March 14, 2016 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Crossways have won the contract to operate (fictionally in 1:76 scale form) the shuttle bus services for this year's National Hunt festival at Cheltenham racecourse.


Buses and coaches have been hired in from a number of operators for this event,  as the total number of vehicles required (76) is more than we are able to gather from our own fleet. The vehicles have been split over the following routes:

R1: Cheltenham Railway station to Racecourse, PVR: 40

R2: Cheltenham town centre to Racecourse, PVR: 36

R3: Waterwells Park and Ride to Racecourse, PVR: 10

Route R3 is a brand new trial route for this year, it being part of an attempt to draw traffic off the motorways and therefore reduce congestion in the area. However, the othertwo routes are exisiting long established routes taken on from the real race shuttles operated by Stagecoach.

A fleet list of our vehicles participating and all of the vehicles hired in is available on the 'our fleet' page of this website, and photos will be posted throughout the week on Crossways' flickr page, https://www.flickr.com/photos/crosswaysbus/.


New coach delivered

Posted by ryanbrch1 on February 28, 2016 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)
The latest delivery to the Crossways fleet is a brand new Irizar PB, registered GL65 RTZ, seated C61F across three axles.

This vehicle was purchased to extend our private hire activities, allowing for a wider range of passengers to be carried. It is the first coach for Crossways to wear full 'lines' fleet livery, with all others wearing liveries for contract work. It is the second Irizar in the fleet, the other being a 2004 two axle example bought secondhand.

In other news, Crossways are able to announce that they are operating the Cheltenham races Shuttle bus service this year. More details on this will follow soon.

Minicoach delivered

Posted by ryanbrch1 on October 27, 2015 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The latest addition to the Crossways model fleet is BX63 YTR, a Mercedes Sprinter minicoach. This vehicle has just 8 seats, owing to its size and additional extras such as a fridge and sink in one corner, earning it the name 'mini luxury'. It wears the newer style livery for smaller vehicles (now as popular as normal 'lines' fleet livery).


The vehicle was bought from Gloucestershire County Council as a 10 seat minibus in June, and the vehicle was converted into a minicoach as can be seen in the potographs on the fleet details page.


In real life, this vehicle is a heavily modified Siku Mercedes Sprinter minibus, with most of the work undertaken in rebuilding the interior to convert it to a minicoach and right hand drive.


New ancillary vehicles

Posted by ryanbrch1 on August 6, 2015 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)
Fleet News

Ford Transit ND09 AWF and BMW 528I BM 528 have been acquired from dealers to increase the ancillary fleet. The transit has been acquired as a fleet maintenance vehicle and the BMW as a staff shuttle/ manager's vehicle. Photo's are not yet available, but will be shown when they do become available.

Website news

The fleet page has been updated accordingly.